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New Profile on BitTube Video Sharing

New Profile on BitTube Video Sharing

BitTube is a relatively new video-sharing website that is up-and-coming after much user and contributor upheaval at other major video content networks such as Youtube and Vimeo.


Youtube has enforced terms and conditions that have angered contributors who seem to lose their channels without warning and explanation. This has led many contributors to leave the platform and seek alternatives.


At the same time, Vimeo is undergoing major changes, to become a paid-only service for companies that want to share their video content. Anything remotely promotional has to be under a paid package.

Caliston Digital is always at the forefront of innovation and has created a profile with our collection of promotional, inspiring, and instructional videos.

What is good about BitTube

  • Original content
  • Innovative contributors
  • Growing community
  • Increasing popularity

Visit us now on BitTube: