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Critical: Have You Switched to Google Analytics GA4 Yet?

Critical: Have You Switched to Google Analytics GA4 Yet?

In April 2021, Google announced the launch of Google Analytics 4 (GA4). GA4 is the newest iteration of its flagship analytics platform and has been designed with a more data-driven approach in mind, allowing users to gain insights into their customer behavior through machine learning. But what does this mean for businesses? In this blog post, we’ll discuss why you should switch to GA4 and the benefits it can bring.

What’s New in Google Analytics 4?

The biggest difference between GA3 and GA4 is that the new version is built on an event-based model rather than a page view model. This means that it focuses more on individual user actions like clicks, scrolls, or form submissions rather than just pageviews. This shift puts an emphasis on understanding customer behavior rather than simply tracking pageviews.

Another important feature of GA4 is its integration with BigQuery. BigQuery is a cloud-based data warehouse service that allows businesses to store, analyze, and query large amounts of data. By linking your BigQuery account to your GA4 account, you can quickly access powerful insights about your business’s performance and customer habits.

Additionally, with advanced features such as attribution modeling and audience segmentation capabilities, you can gain deeper insights into how your customers interact with your website or app over time.

But perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of GA4 is its strong focus on privacy controls. With built-in anonymization tools such as IP masking and cookie deletion options, businesses can be sure that they are compliant with all applicable privacy laws while still collecting valuable data about their customers’ behaviors.

Hurry Up

On 1 July 2023, the old Google Analytics properties will stop processing data. Starting now, for continued website measurement, migrate your original property settings to a Google Analytics 4 (GA4) property, or they’ll be copied for you to an existing GA4 property, reusing existing site tags.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) represents a major shift in Google’s analytics offering—from focusing on simple pageviews to providing advanced insights about customer behavior through machine learning and AI capabilities.

With its focus on privacy controls as well as its integration with BigQuery, GA4 offers businesses greater control over their customer data while also allowing them to gain actionable insights into their performance. For these reasons alone, switching to GA4 should definitely be considered by any business owner or CMO who wants to stay ahead of the competition.