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How to LinkedIn the Fun Way?

How to LinkedIn the Fun Way?

Are you tired of the same old LinkedIn routine? 

One mistake many businesses make is assuming you have to portray a boring and stuck-up persona on LinkedIn. While many businesses stick to that formula, you have the power to stand out on LinkedIn in a way that’s refreshingly fun and engaging. 

Drop the LinkedIn snooze-fest and welcome a burst of colour into your networking journey!

Don’t be Boring… Duh

While keeping it classy is a must, there’s no harm in adding a pinch of playfulness to your brand persona. Take a cue from trailblazers like Cindy Gallop, whose headline reads: “I like to blow shit up. I am the Michael Bay of business.”

If you’re unfamiliar with Michael Bay (think high-octane action films where everything goes BOOM!), you still get the gist. Cindy’s bold approach showcases her expertise with a splash of humour, instantly setting her apart from the crowd. 

If you possess a flair for the dramatic and a knack for the unconventional, why not let your LinkedIn business profile truly reflect the force that your business embodies?

Stop Overselling & Start Engaging

One glaring mistake countless businesses make? Overselling themselves. 

Seriously, bombarding strangers with a relentless marketing spiel through LinkedIn messaging? It’s a crime against good networking.

Just picture the sheer number of sales pitches flooding in and out daily. With that much noise, why would anyone pay attention to yours?

Instead, opt for genuine connection and meaningful engagement with your target audience. Here’s how you can do just that:

  • Share expertise and insights.
  • Start conversations based on common interests.
  • Use storytelling to showcase your brand’s personality.
  • Build authentic relationships by showing genuine interest in your network’s business endeavours.
  • Encourage interaction through questions and polls.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of the Mighty GIF


Don’t let their playful appearance fool you; GIFs pack a serious punch when capturing your audience’s attention on LinkedIn. These short, animated clips aren’t just for laughs – when used correctly, they can grab the attention of your audience members upon their LinkedIn scroll.

Think about it: in our everyday interactions on social media, GIFs add depth and personality to our messages and responses. Why not leverage the same strategy to elevate your engagement game on LinkedIn?

To GIF correctly on LinkedIn, follow these steps:

  • Find a GIF that relates to the feelings and message you want to convey in your post.
  • Draft a witty yet readable post to go along with your chosen GIF.
  • Share the post, and BAM! – you’ve engaged with your audience in a way that doesn’t disturb them.

Add Personality to Your Business Profile

Your LinkedIn presence deserves to stand out, not blend in like just another generic resume. It’s time to transform your profile into a vibrant reflection of your brand’s voice and style, enticing your audience to hit that ‘Follow’ button and stay hooked.

Picture this: your profile is your one chance to captivate someone’s attention in a sea of scrolling. Make every word count, every image pop, and every detail scream your brand’s uniqueness. Here’s how to infuse personality into your business profile:

  • Craft a headline that demands attention and leaves a lasting impression.
  • Choose a profile picture that’s professional, approachable and oozing with brand personality.
  • Draft a summary that reads like a compelling story, drawing readers in and making them eager to learn more about your business.
  • Bring your feed to life with multimedia content – think of eye-catching photos, engaging videos, and captivating presentations.

Don’t Run Away From Video Content… Embrace It

Using Videos on LinkedIn

Let’s face it: reading through lengthy written narratives is only some people’s cup of tea. Video content offers a breath of fresh air; with their innate human touch, they effortlessly connect with audiences in a way that text simply can’t match.

Videos are the ultimate attention-grabbers, and they are highly shareable, too, making them perfect for capturing the interest of your audience. 

Here are some ways you can leverage video content to level up your LinkedIn game:

  • Provide behind-the-scenes glimpses into your company culture.
  • Offer tutorials to showcase your expertise.
  • Share short informative videos about different aspects of your business.
  • Highlight key moments from recent business events you’ve attended.

Do LinkedIn – Your Own Way

LinkedIn may have started off as a strictly serious and uptight platform, where suits and ties dominated, and industry jargon ruled the conversation. However, times have changed, and so has LinkedIn. 

While there is nothing inherently wrong with the classic suit-and-tie approach, now is your chance to break free from the mould and do LinkedIn your way to inject some personality into your business.

With the tips mentioned above, you’ll be well-equipped to engage your LinkedIn audience in a way that’s not only fun but also captivating.