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10 Branding Tips for a Stronger Brand

10 Branding Tips for a Stronger Brand

Luckily for you, we love to help, so we’ve compiled a list of our top branding tips!

Remember, 86% of consumers feel that authenticity is integral to their buying decisions, and branding makes your consumers realise how authentic you truly are.

What is branding?

Successful branding is more than just a combination of colours and logos. It’s about your overall appearance, voice, reputation, and impression you make on customers when they think of your brand.

Good branding will let your customers know your core values and what you offer them.

One of the keys to great branding is consistency. Spend a while developing a branding guideline and sharing it with your colleagues. Make sure they know how important it is to follow.

A Brand-Building Strategy

Building a brand strategy is something you need to realise is a long-term game. Essentially, it’s a blueprint that gives your brand a clear direction.

Things to consider when creating a brand-building strategy:

  • Who are you? Make a statement about who you are – if you aren’t sure who you are as a brand, your branding will seem inconsistent and vague.
  • What makes you different? Make sure you recognise your uniqueness. Write down why customers should choose you instead of other brands.
  • Make a mission statement for your company. This is vital. Your mission statement tells you, and others, why your company exists – what is your end goal?
  • What are your brand values? Your values guide your internal strategy and how you connect with customers on the outside.
  • Who is your ideal customer? There is no point in a marketing strategy or branding if you don’t keep in mind who you want to attract.

Make your brand recognisable.

Many people believe that your brand is all about eye-catching images and great titles, but it’s really about creating a connection between the name of your business and the services/items you offer.

An excellent place to start is to establish a basic understanding of who you are and why you are offering what you’re offering.

Create Mission and Vision Statements for Your Brand

Mission statements are often overlooked when creating a brand. But it’s vital to consider your company’s objectives and how you’ll benefit your target market.

This is a fluid task, however, as companies often grow and change, and, often, with that comes a change in your mission statement.

Your vision statement will outline your long-term goals and objectives, outlining the direction you want your company to go in.

Know Your Audience

It’s essential to do your research on your audience. It’s worth the effort to invest in some proper audience analysis. It will help you understand the market situation and know how to avoid risk.

Your marketing success depends on knowing your customers and where/when to reach them.

Ask your customers questions

Knowing your target audience is vital to building a great brand, but it’s hard to do that without talking to them.

Much like an old-school focus group, ask your customers questions! Create a Google Form to use as a survey and ask them what the positive parts of your business are and where you can improve.

Consistency Is Key

We’ve spoken about this above, but it’s the most crucial step to a great brand. People won’t understand your brand or company if it looks different across different channels.

Consistent messaging and keeping your channels in sync are essential. This means your socials, websites and any other platforms you may use. Get working on that branding guideline today!

In conclusion

You could include many other aspects in your branding strategy, including your logo, fonts and colour palette, but the above steps are crucial to building a great and lasting brand!

Obviously, this takes time, so it’s worthwhile to call in an experienced marketing and branding agency that can do the work for you!

Contact us today to see how we can help lift your brand to new levels!